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Belding Fire Department

Frequently Asked Questions

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    The Belding Fire Department has two squads and 20 firefighters, many with more than 10 years of service.
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    The City of Belding takes pride in its professional, well-equipped Fire Department.

City Calendar

City of Belding City Calendar

City of Belding

120 S. Pleasant Street
Belding, Michigan 48809
Phone: (616) 794-1900
Fax: (616) 794-0091
Emergency: Phone 911

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
7:00am - 6:00pm

Department Head Contact Information
City Manager, Jon Stoppels, ext. 206
City Clerk, Janae Cooper, ext. 210
City Treasurer & Finance Director, Becky Schlienz, ext. 203
Chief of Police, Dion Sower, ext. 222
Fire Chief, Tim Lubitz, ext. 208
City Assessor, Bob Naumann, ext. 201
Department of Public Works Director, Vacant, ext. 100
Dial-A-Ride Director, Vacant, 616-794-3278